In exactly five days my little man turns 3 years old. For the last few weeks, he has been informing me that his birthday is coming up and that he will be three. He doesn’t know exactly when his birthday is coming, but he knows it’s soon.

Seven days out, I started the countdown with him. We are at the point where we are talking about his birthday every day. He’s informed me he wants a lot of presents. When I asked him how many he considers to be “a lot”, he said “three”! How lucky for me!!  I’m grateful that he’s not asked for a party because I’m not planning on throwing a big party – just the three of us. He has, however, made it very clear to me that he wants a cake that he can share with his friends. A spiderman rocketship cake, please. White cake. Hopefully he’ll forgive me when my attempt at making a spiderman rocketship cake turns out to look more like a tee-pee than anything else.

Last night I had a work event to attend. The Husband and V joined me. V spent the evening playing with the son of a co-worker, five-year old Ethan. When it was time to go, V started crying and through his tears was letting us know that he didn’t want to go home – he wanted to play with Ethan. After calming him down and saying our good nights to Ethan, as we pulled out of the parking lot V started crying hysterically once again.

“Mama (sniffle, sniffle)! I want (sniffle, sniffle) Ethan to share my (sniffle, sniffle)birthday cake with me!”

Now if I could only figure out how to get him to so willingly share his toys, we’d be set!