I just can’t stop crying today. I’ve cried so much I have no idea where the tears are coming from.

When I dropped V off at pre-school this morning, I read a note from the school director about a little boy named Matteo. At the Montessori school V attends, the pre-schoolers range in age from about three to five years old. Matteo was five and was in V’s class when V first transferred to pre-school. Matteo immediately stood out from the crowd to me. He was full of life, happy, adventurous, and as charming as a four year old could be. His mother is from Italy and bears a striking resemblance to the mother of my best friend, also from Italy. I did not personally know either of them but was most certainly drawn to both Matteo and his mother.

Matteo left for kindergarten in September, so we’ve not seen him since he left the Montessori school. This morning’s note posted by the sign-in book informed us that Matteo suffered a tragic accident over the weekend and has been on life support since. The family would be removing him from life support today. I cried the minute I read about Matteo and I’ve been crying what feels like non-stop since. My heart is so very heavy for him and his family. How is this fair?? How could this have happened??

For the last week, I’ve also been following the story of the Kim family of San Francisco. This young family had been missing since Thanksgiving. They were on their way home from Oregon and never arrived.  Mrs. Kim and their two young girls were found alive two days ago. They took a wrong turn on their way home and ended up on a road that was impassible due to heavy snow. Hoping to find help, Mr. Kim left the family to venture out on foot.  This afternoon was the first time I’ve had the chance to check in on the status since early this morning, and I was immediately brought to tears again.  Mr. Kim’s body was found late this morning. I am so very, very sad for the Kim family as well.

I do not know either of these families, but I have cried today like they were my own flesh and blood. God speed to both families. I am so very, very, very sorry for your tremendous loss.