Hello. My name is Mama G and I am a mother of a three year old. How this happened, I’m not quite sure. In the grand scheme of things, three years is a very short period of time so why can’t I remember much of what my life was like in those beginning days just three years ago? And even less of what my life was like before V entered my life??

Yes. V turned three one week ago today. No big party – just three small celebrations. One with his dad and I. One with his Aunt and Uncle and one with his Papa and Nonni. Dinner, cake and presents. Ah, what a wonderful life!

It’s unbelievable to me how much fun these last three years have been. Every day I am captivated by his personality and all that he is learning. And every day there is some part of me that is sad at the realization that my little man is, in fact, growing up. No more “see that?” – the two words he would say with pure excitement any time he wanted to point something out to us. No more calla-calla-do (rooster). I’m sure it won’t belong before we lose yo-ya as well (yo-yo) – but until then, I try to somehow make him say it every day for my selfish enjoyment.

We enjoy making up silly nicknames for V … spaghetti and t-rho are two of the most often used. About two weeks ago, V joined in on the fun and made up his first nickname for me … I am Mamma Tiger. Not sure how he came up with it, but he keeps calling me Mamma Tiger, and I love it!

So as we embark on the age of three, we are excited about all the fun times ahead – and have made sure we have plenty of wine to get us through the trying times as well! Cheers to being three, my little man!! Mamma loves you!!