2007. Wow. Happy New Year! How the heck did that happen?? Silly me. New Year’s Day came and went and I completely forgot to come up with a new year’s resolution. It actually didn’t even dawn on me until I was having lunch today with a friend who mentioned the fact that she didn’t bother coming up with a resolution this year. I didn’t actually purposely not bother, I really just forgot. But no biggie – it’s not like I’m any good at keeping them anyways – so why put myself through the stress?

The last two weeks have been full of fun – and no work! I started my time off with a list of about twenty items to take care of around the house. Items ranged from the long-overdue organization of my closet to painting the upstairs bathroom. So here we are, back to work and I’m okay with the fact that I crossed off exactly two items during the entire two weeks. Of course, had I added “spend lots of quality time with V” on the list, that would have made it three items crossed off!

Yes – I had an amazing two weeks of fun with my little man, all at the expense of my to-do list. And I’m so much happier for it! We cuddled in bed for an extended period of time each morning, we lounged around and ate breakfast together, we took walks, we put together about a zillion puzzles … you get the idea. We both have had so much fun I thought I had better warn him yesterday morning that it was the last leisurely morning we’d share for awhile because mommy had to go back to work. I’m not sure if it’s just my imagination or not, but this morning when he woke up and told me he wanted to cuddle with me for awhile before getting up, he really did seem to hug a little bit tighter! In the middle of one of his amazing hugs, he whispered in my ear “sweet mama”! MELT MY HEART!

V is currently in to dinosaurs and I have a vague memory of visiting a museum when I was young – somewhere within driving distance – where they had a dinosaur exhibit. So the Husband and I got to googling to see if we could locate said museum and although we weren’t successful in exactly that arena, we did strike gold! Believe it or not, we found a place called “Vino Piazza”, wherein exists 15 wineries pouring free tastings every weekend – AND a dinosaur exhibit. Two-fer-oner! I think it took us approximately 15 minutes to pack up and hit the road … okay, not really. But we did get ready very quickly and spent an afternoon where both V and his parents were in heaven! Brilliant. Simply brilliant! We’ll be going back there again. And again. And again!

I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday and new year celebration – and here’s wishing warmth, happiness, and all-good-things to each and every one of you!