I’m trying to keep up with my new year’s resolutions. I’m not doing very well. Eat better? I had pizza yesterday. Drink more water? It’s 4:25pm and I’ve had exactly ZERO glasses of water today. Organize my ipod? Nope. Not yet. Be more productive at work? Well, let me just say that I’m ‘working’ right now. Be better about posting to my blog? Yes, I’m posting today but as you can probably tell I’m grasping at subjects here.

I don’t really know what’s wrong with me. I’m usually excited about the fresh start of a new year. I’m good about out with the old and in with the new. But this year, I’m a bit sluggish and I don’t know why.

One accomplishment that I am proud of? The Husband and I thoroughly cleaned the house last Saturday and here it is six days later and the house is still clean! Yes, we need another round of dusting and vacuuming – but we have no piles of shit that have accummulated!! I don’t believe we’ve ever gone this long without a pile of shit appearing somewhere in the house! A big part of that is thanks to the shoe bench we bought that now houses all of the Husband’s shoes that USED to be stacked up by the back door. Isn’t it fabulous? Can I hear an ‘amen’ for Ikea? It just makes me smile every day when I see it sitting there with all of it’s shoes – although I admit a small sense of panic struch me last night when I realized that all eight slots were already filled with shoes. What happens if the Husband brings down a ninth pair? Another pile? NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Shoe Bench

Now, if Ikea would only sell something that would keep the Husband from losing his keys, his wallet and his wedding ring every other day, I’d be a happy, happy girl!