One of my very best and long-time friends came in to town to visit this weekend. The two of us and a third girlfriend got together this morning for breakfast and some shopping. Of the three, I am the only one that is married with child. The other two are both in serious relationships, one is engaged … although my money’s on the “ain’t gonna happen – and if somehow it does happen, it ain’t gonna last” card for that couple. Very nice guy who treats her like a queen – but they just aren’t a good life-long couple.

Over the past several months my husband has been sharing with me his feelings regarding one of his best friends. He feels that the two of them are growing farther and farther apart and now have very little in common. Said friend is married, but no kids yet. And said friend is 41 going on about 26.

Although today wasn’t the first time I’ve noticed this, it certainly was the first time it annoyed me today. These two girlfriends and I are now at that same point. Very little in common. I think they felt it, too, since I added little to nothing to the first hour of our conversation over breakfast this morning. The subject was new year’s eve and what everyone did. Theirs was largely centered around vast quantities of alchohol and resulting hangovers. Even though we didn’t spend an hour discussing NYE, much time was spent talking about bands they saw and such-and-such dive bar, and going out, etc. It really wasn’t anything over-and-above what my life was like when I was single – it wasn’t excessive in any way – so why in the world was I getting annoyed?

The day got better after we got off those subjects – but I was absolutely aware that these women and I have so very little in common anymore. What we do have is our history. And the fact that we know each other so well. Theirs are friendships I cherish and won’t let die – but I guess as with most, if not all relationships, they ebb and flow. I just need to work on my patience during the ebb.

I can do that.