When 9/11 happened, I was unemployed. No job, no kid, no money coming in, so not much to do other than sit glued to the television watching hour after hour, day after day, week and week of depressing news coverage of that horrible, horrible event.

It wasn’t apparent to me right away, but I was suffered a bout with depression. Since recovering from it, I rarely read a newspaper or watch the news on TV. Most of the headlines we read today are depressing. And when I read depressing news, it always affects my day. 

Some of today’s headlines I saw on the paper sitting in our break room at work:

“Driver gets life for human smuggling”, “Radio stunt gone wrong – contestant dies”,  “Three die in apparent murder/suicide”, “At least 36 people leap to their death off the Golden Gate Bridge in 2006”, “Two teens die in apparent auto stree race”

Can somebody please share some good news with me today? Anyone? Anyone?