I’m so completely exhausted I don’t even know where to begin. This past weekend was emotionally crippling for me. All thanks to my blog.

I was found. My blog, rather. But that means me. The me that writes things that I don’t really want those that know me to read. When I began blogging a year ago, I made a conscious decision to keep it private. Some of my friends know I have a blog, but that don’t know anything about it or how to find it.

My own damn fault, it was. The Husband and I share a laptop, and I must have not logged out completely. It’s not that I’m trying to hide anything from him, but I treat this blog as I treat a journal. I put thoughts and feelings in here that I really don’t care with people that actually know me. It’s safer that way for me. It makes me feel more comfortable saying what ever I want to say – without fear of being judged by people I socialize with. Or am related to.

As luck would have it, a few of the more recent posts I’ve written happen to be about ex-boyfriends. Pure happenstance. A year of blogging, never a mention of an ex – and within weeks – days – after posting about one, the Husband finds it. Not good. Big fight. Huge. Exhausting.

He hasn’t actually told me that he found the blog – but I know. For starters, I checked the history on the computer, which also told me exactly which posts he read. I wonder if he’ll say anything about it after he realizes I’ve deleted all of the posts off the other blog? Let’s just hope not.

So, here I am in my new home. Haven’t yet completely unpacked. The furniture still needs some re-arranging. But I’m here. Complete with new locks on the door so that I feel safe. I love having company, so feel free to come on by anytime! Stay as long as you’d like!!