Panic. I was absolutely panicked last Thursday when I went looking for a bracelet that I inherited from my mom. It would have been the perfect compliment to the outfit I was wearing – but no – I couldn’t find it. I searched for 40 minutes. Nothing.

I’m not sure what the hell it is about me that makes me lose jewelry. Doesn’t have to be expensive jewelry – just important to me. Sentimental. I suck. I have a bad habit of hiding the few expensive and/or sentimental pieces I have in case the house gets broken in to. The problem is, that I can’t remember where I hide it!

During the holidays, I was asked to give my Christmas list to several people. The one item which I most wanted, but didn’t receive, was a small fireproof safe for my jewelry that I now have from my mother. I tried to go buy one for myself, but having recently hurt my back, the fucker was too heavy to carry – so I put it off for later.

Our receptionist at work is a fascinating woman that knows a lot about a lot so I asked her – half kidding – if she knew of a psychic I could call that would tell me where I put the jewelry. She does know someone, and she gave me her contact information. She also suggested that I sit in a dark quiet room and ask the question “where did I put the jewelry” and wait and listen for an answer. Not sure I have the patience for that, but I’m getting desperate.

Another friend at work suggested I pray to St. Anthony – the saint of lost items.

The loss of this jewelry upset me so much that I stayed home from work on Friday with the goal of finding the jewelry and then cleaning up the mess that has developed in my bedroom so that I do not continue to lose things that are important to me.

Thursday night, as I was about to fall asleep, I figured I’d cover all my bases. First, I prayed to my mother to help me in my search. I then prayed to St. Anthony. Followed by asking anyone who was listening to tell me just where in the hell I put the jewelry.

Friday morning I got up, took V to pre-school, had breakfast with the Husband and then came home, took a deep breath, and walked upstairs to the bedroom. On my way in to the room, a small green handbag caught my eye. I’ve had this bag for a little over three years, and haven’t carried it since last summer as it’s definitely a spring/summer kind of bag. It was on the floor in the hallway. What was it doing there? How did it get there? I walked over, picked it up, unzipped it and found three pieces of the missing jewelry. I have zero recollection of ever putting those pieces in that handbag. I never hide jewelry in handbags because I have too many of them – and I recycle them quite often so I know myself enough to know that I’d probably give away jewelry accidently.

Sigh of relief – but more jewelry to find. I walked in to the bedroom and the very first place I looked – there was the remainder of the jewelry. Two for two. Unbelievable.

Later that day, I was doing some errands and thinking about how quickly I found the jewelry after spending over 40 minutes frantically searching for it the day before. Was it my mom? St. Anthony? Happenstance? To myself, I asked that my mom show me some kind of sign to let me know if it was her.

It was her. The sign? At the store I saw a woman carrying the identical green handbag to the one in which I found the jewelry. As a chill went down my spine, a huge smile crossed my face. Thanks, mom. I owe you one!