Heart My life these last few weeks has been a series of extreme emotions. Highs and lows. One minute I’m convinced that this marriage will survive, that there is still passion that just needs a bit of igniting, and that everything will be okay. The next minute I’m perusing craigslist for a new place to live.

I had a meeting after work last night that had me out of the house until about 10:00pm. I came home briefly to pick up some things I needed for my meeting and had a heated exchange with the Husband. Something I said must have hit home because I came home to a different husband. The Husband I love – not the raging crazy man that’s been living with me of late.

So after a long, good, honest talk and even better make-up sex, I’m excited to report that today things once again look promising. We have work ahead of us, yes. But promising!