mg.jpgHappy Mardi Gras, everyone! I wish I were in New Orleans today … I just love, love Mardi Gras. Everything from the amazing floats, the world’s best people-watching, the Hurricanes (the drink), to the costumes, beads, and as bad as it sounds, the crazy amount of trash left on the street after it’s all said and done.

I’ve celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans only twice, but I can’t wait to go again. I want to take V – I want him to learn about the traditions, the history, the passion. For as crazy it can get down there, it’s actually a very family-friendly event as well. You just have to know where to go. I’m blessed to have dear friends that live in the area who have introduced me to the Mardi Gras that most out-of-towners don’t get to experience.

Next year … yes. I’ll take V next year!