girl scout cookies
Tis the season, folks! Girl Scout Cookies are here. It’s not out of character for me to order five or six boxes from my co-worker’s too-cute-for-words daughter, but this year I practiced restraint. I didn’t even order my most favorites, the shortbread and lemon cookies. Luckily for me, although I’m still a little pissed about it, they are not even offering the lemon cookies this year. I swear, I can eat a whole damn box of those in one fell swoop.

Arriving at our office today via a shiny red wagon and a blonde darlin’ with big dimples. She set up shop in the empty office across from mine, so I had the joy of seeing what and how much everyone ordered. Seems the big seller this year – at least in our office – is the sugar free little brownies. I refrained from purchasing them because, frankly, the sugar free cookies give me bad smelling gas and since I plan on eating my cookies at the office (so that I don’t have to share them with a three-year-old), I was being considerate of my co-workers. I was explaining this to one of young gals I work with … she had never heard that sugar free cookies and candies can give you bad gas. She bought a box of these brownie things and is now afraid to eat them. I told her that typically it only bothers people who eat too many at once, and since I’ve been known to eat a whole box at once as referenced above, I stayed away.

She talked me in to having a little brownie with her. Not sure why. Maybe because we sit next to each other, so if we start experiencing gas we could share the embarrassment. At any rate, I ate one. At first taste, not bad. Texture was different than I had expected, but okay none-the-less. But no soon did I finish it entirely did the after-taste hit. And it hit bad. Ass, people. I’m tellin’ ya. If you get hit up by those sweet little girl scouts in front of the grocery store then yes, support the troups. But for the love of nasty after-taste and bad gas, don’t even think about buying the brownie bites!!!