After five years away from the bay, I find myself aching to return. Interesting to me, considering that I was so eager to move away back in 2002.

Living only 90 minutes from the city, I try to get back as often as possible. Friday was the Husband’s birthday, so we headed to the city to catch one of his favorite surf bands. V stayed with the grandparents, so we were free to meet up with friends, drink however much we wanted, stay out as late as we wanted, and sleep in as late as we wanted! We enjoyed a little slice of heaven, and loved every minute of it.

Sunday morning we got up and headed to my old hood, Noe Valley. I was in my late 20’s when I moved there and single. I wasn’t paying much in rent because I had three other house-mates. We lived the “Real World” lifestyle. Suzie had long fiery red hair, tattoos and was wearing a dog collar on the night I first met her; Bert was a small, nerdy accountant-type, and John was a very recent college grad/frat boy who was ready to party. Four totally different personalities, but we became like family. It was an amazing experience and one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

With perfect weather, we enjoyed strolling around 24th Street and talked about how much our interests have changed since back then. Whereas I was once able to tell you the name of every bar on 24th Street, I now found myself more interested in the small family-friendly cafes and coffee houses. It’s been 15 years since I first moved to San Francisco – and five since I’ve been gone – yet this past weekend it felt like I never left.

Over breakfast the husband and I talked about whether or not we would/could want to raise V in the city. What would our lives look like? Where would we live? Even though it’s the first time we’ve talked about it seriously, I let the Husband in on a little secret … I’ve been watching the job market there pretty regularly for the last few months and have recently started submitting a few resumes. There are some amazing jobs available right now – a few of which are at two and three times my current salary – which would, of course, be needed should we move back!

So, we’re throwing caution to the wind. We’ve decided to start seriously investigating the opportunities back in the bay – the jobs, the homes, the schools, all of it. We’ll see what happens – but right now, I’m just excited about the potential!