For those of you that have seen The Secret, you’re familiar with these three words: Ask, Believe, Receive … all based on the law of attraction. I’ve seen the DVD – and I’ve seen this work, although I must admit that I’m not so sure it’s absolutely the law of attraction at work and not just a result of putting your mind to task. I’m sure you’ve been there before … you’ve wanted something so bad that you’d stop at nothing short of commiting a crime to get it. You’ve set your mind to it. You’ve focused. And you’ve achieved.

My mom was brilliant and doing this. In fact, I think it may have even been an old Oprah show in the late 80’s that sparked her obsession with cutting out photos of the material things she wanted in her life. She didn’t have a board, but she did put them up on her refrigerator – and I’ll be damned if she didn’t get every single thing she put on that refrigerator. She set her mind to it and worked hard to make it happen. A cabin in Tahoe? Done. A motor home? Done. A new boat? Done. And the creme de la creme for her … a red convertible Mercedes Benz. Done!

When I was in my late 20’s I can remember a phone conversation about this very subject. “You need to visualize“, she told me. “What do I need to visualize, mom?” “A husband” she said. Why? Because she was ready to be a grandmother! She told me to make a list of all of the attributes I was looking for and place them on my refrigerator. Look at the list every day and visualize this man coming in to my life. Ask. Believe. Receive. She couldn’t comprehend that I was in no hurry for marriage and kids. And she didn’t really like it when I told her that if she so badly wanted to be a grandmother, perhaps she would benefit from putting photos of grandbabies on her refrigerator … mine had no room!

Some of you that have been reading this blog awhile know that the Husband can be a negative, glass-half-empty kind of guy. A significant source of tension in our relationship. A few weeks ago he watched The Secret with me and – although he’s not walking around preaching about it – there has been a significant change in his attitude … all for the better! We’ve got our lists of things we’ve asked for, we’re believing we will get, and we’re ready to receive. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!!