Three amazing days with the girls. In beautiful San Francisco. Plenty of catch up time. Plenty of shopping time. Plenty of new shoes. And no tattoos.

No, I didn’t chicken out. Truth be told, my dear tatood-head-to-toe friend that lives in the city was in NYC celebrating his birthday, so I was unable to reach him to get the referral for his artist. And I was a bit too chicken to go just anywhere. So, I will wait. For now.

My girlfriend H flew out from the Boston area. I was looking forward to catching up with her and asking her a lot of questions. She and I are the two out of the four of us with kids. She has two. I have one. I wanted to know the down-and-dirty about having two. I wanted to know if she and her husband still have time to connect. I wanted to know if she was happy.

After knowing this woman for 11 years, I found out more about her this weekend than I’ve ever known. And I love her even more for opening up and sharing it with me. To an outsider, she does have the perfect house, the perfect husband, the perfect kids, the perfect life. But as I’ve learned – yet again – life isn’t always as it seems. Yes, many aspects of her life are in fact pretty darn wonderful. She has an amazing husband and is still as madly in love with him as the day she married him nine years ago. But she has some pretty big issues in her life as well. And learning about those made me grateful for my life and what I have. Made me realize that sometimes I bitch and moan about things that aren’t even worth bitching and moaning about in the grand scheme of things.

I did have to struggle with keeping my patience under control this weekend. The best friend and I have so clearly moved in different directions that it’s physically painful for me now. Sitting back and watching the train wreck just kills me. And it saddens me to think about how few things we now share in common. Deep down, I do know that our friendship is strong enough to survive. And I also know it takes much more time and effort to keep it from disintegrating. But it’s worth it. I just have to look deep within myself to find a happy place so that I can be her supportive friend. I know that’s what she needs from me right now. And I owe it to her to give it to her.

Those damn weather forecasters were wrong, yet again. I know better than to listen to them, so I’m not sure what happened this time to cause my momentary lack of better judgement. They professed warm, sunny, mid-to-high 70’s all weekend in the city. Friday? Perfect. Saturday? Not so. The fog never lifted and the wind never died. We were not dressed for fog and wind. Damn those over-paid weather people. How the hell can I get that job? I swear, they just wet their finger, put it up in the air, and venture a best guess. The good news is that Sunday was perfect weather as well, so in the grand scheme of things we can’t complain. Especially considering the parts of the country was suffering through.

In two weeks I’ll be heading back to my beloved city for another weekend of fun – this one with my aunt and my son. I’m a very, very lucky girl!