I need your help. Your input. Your ideas and suggestions. Please. Doesn’t matter if you’re a parent or not – if you’ve got a suggestion, I’ll listen. Two topics …

Topic One – The Hypochondriac. My son. Three years and four months old and suddenly he is always in pain. His head hurts, his foot hurts, his tummy hurts, his eyes hurt, he itches, he has splinters. You name it, he’s got it. And all of these lovely party gifts come with more than anyone’s fair share on whining. Somebody please tell me this is a very short phase.

I’ve tried changing the subject, I’ve pretented to remove splinters that were never there to begin with, I’ve done all I could think of including ignore it all-together. It’s daily, people. Constant. Nobody warned me about this!!!!!! Ugh!!!

I’m hoping, I’m praying, and I’m almost willing to babysit for anyone out there who has some suggestions for me. At the very least, please share your stories with me so that I don’t feel like the only mother on Planet Earth (GREAT Discovery Series, by the way) with a child who is constantly crying wolf! Anyone? Anyone?

Topic Two – Boys Clothing. Or lack thereof in terms of stylish boys clothing. The kind that makes them look like little men, and not little babies. All of you parents – or even aunts/uncles/grandparents of little boys – those of you who, like me, can’t afford (or aren’t interested) in living in cosmopolitan urban areas like San Francisco or NYC – do you find it nearly impossible to find a hip and stylish piece of little boy’s clothing that doesn’t have some cartoon character or yet another friggin’ (insert sport of choice) ball on it? Target and Old Navy occasionally offer some great options – but then I find myself losing my kid amongst the five other boys at the playground wearing the exact same shirt!

Why is it that 52% of all babies born in this country are boys, yet no less than 75% of every kids clothing store is dedicated to girls? Where are all the great clothes for boys? Does anyone else feel my pain?

Actually, I do know that some people out there feel my pain (unless they’re just humoring me). In talking with some girlfriends, they’ve agreed that the world is in need of more options for boys. Hence, my latest/greatest idea. I’m full of ’em, you see (insert sarcasm). I’m in the beginning stages of researching an online clothing store – boutique – whatever you want to call it – for boys only. I’ve found only a few other sites online so far that cater to only little men – five to be exact. Which means there’s certainly room for a sixth.

This is where you come in – those of you who shop for the young men in your lives. Are you like me and looking for other options in boys clothing? And if so, what kinds of things are you looking for? What styles (ie: surfer/skateboarder, rocker, preppy, etc)? And do you ever purchase kids clothing online?

So, that does it for today – my informal survey on two currently important topics in my life. Give a girl a helping hand, and share your thoughts, ideas, mind-blowing creative genius with me! Pleeeez!