In no particular order …

I’ve learned never to send flowers to a funeral home. Now that I’ve been the person who actually has had to deal with the flowers after the funeral, I know first-hand how depressing it was to have a house full of flowers to remind me that my loved one just died. Sure, I probably could’ve done something like had them donated somewhere or something, but having just gone through the trauma of an unexpected death, I was in no mental shape to give it any thought. I’ve learned I will always make a donation in the deceased’s name.

I’ve learned never to ask someone “when are you going to give little V a sibling”? I now know how awkward I feel lying to people because I don’t really want them to know my business. It’s easier than telling a mere acquaintance that we’ve been trying for nearly two years and the only successful pregnancy has resulted in a miscarriage. Any other questions?

I’ve learned that nothing is more important to my sanity than me-time. I dream about it. I crave it and absolutely must have it each and every week. The Husband is the same way, needing his he-time each week. Luckily most weeks we’re pretty good about balancing the me-time, he-time, us-time and family-times. Luckily.

I’ve learned to live in a house that isn’t always clean, has far too many toys strewn about it (even though I’ve got more baskets than Bush has excuses for those damn toys) and most always has unfolded laundry sitting on one of its sofas.

I’ve learned that there’s no reason to check the weather forecast. They’re wrong more often than not, and that just pisses me off, so I save myself the headache.