For those that have been reading this blog awhile, you know that I have a handy husband. We bought an old home – built in 1917 – that was in need of some tender loving care, and the Husband has done most of it himself.

Over the last five years he has built a new deck, installed sprinklers, built a very large fence, landscaped, built a dog run, installed hard wood floors, new French doors, new bathroom sinks and faucets, new lighting, etc.

The Husband, I’m convinced, suffers a bit from adult ADD. He regularly gets distracted by shiny objects, which is the reason that we have more than a few projects around the house that are 90-95% complete – but aren’t quite there yet. We’re still missing thresholds from the hardwood install. We’re missing door knobs on the French doors, The deck still has no railing – or permanent stairs – on the bottom portion. I’m not sure if he gets bored and has to move on to something else, but the details of finishing his jobs escape him.

The latest shiny object to distract him involved a small wooden model of a dinosaur that was given to V by a good friend of ours. It wasn’t enough to put the model together as-is … the Husband had to paint each and every piece in V’s favorite color – yellow. It took a week to finish the specimen – and V loves it – in all it’s approximately 8-inches tall of glory.


But an 8-inch dinosaur wasn’t good enough for V. And the Husband didn’t already have enough projects on his plate, so he decided to add one more. And this, my dear friends, is what is living on the unfinished deck in my back yard.


Can someone please tell me what I’m supposed to do with this?