We spent Memorial Day weekend at our cabin in Pine Mountain Lake with a variety of aunts, uncles and cousins. There’s no place I’d rather be – and the thought of my son getting the opportunity to grow up and spend time at this wonderful place makes me so very happy!

My morning sickness wasn’t quite as bad this weekend … perhaps it was the thinner air … but I slept quite a bit, so perhaps it was the additional rest. The Husband was a trooper, taking care of V when I was sleeping – and two of my cousins kept V entertained with games, coloring and hiking.

I slept through the highlight of the weekend – which means no photos of it to share. But V had his first ever fishing experience and he caught a fish!! When I awoke from my nap, he excitedly told me all about it.

V: “I had a hook! One a pole! And caught a fish! And I touched it. It was wet and slimy! And Uncle Dave threw it back in the water!!!!”

Me: “Really? That’s fantastic! How big was your fish?

V: “This big!!!” (arms open to indicate about a foot and a half in length)

Husband, laughing: “Actually V, it was only this big” (fingers indicate about six inches)