I love it when kids learn something new and then proceed to say it or do it over and over again. Actually, I should clarify. I love it when the something new is cute, and not annoying or inappropriate! Who am I kidding? The inappropriate ones crack me up!

When V was first learning to talk, he’d have a way of saying some things, like his A-B-C’s (A, B, C, D, oo, ahh, at), that I found myself wishing he’d never change. Maybe that’s why that he still calls this a yo-ya:
Yo Ya

About a month ago, he started giving me the thumbs-up signal at random times. He has since taken the thumbs-up signal and evolved it in to the two-thumbs-up-and-a-wink. This bag of cuteness has elicited such a positive response from friends and strangers alike, that he has taken to doing it quite frequently.
Thumbs UP
And just this past weekend, we were introduced to a new phrase … that being “holy cow”! I almost spit out my ginger candy (yep, still morning sick) the first time I heard him say it! It is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard …

“V, where did you learn to say Holy Cow?”

“From J.T. He saw my poop and said ‘Holy Cow, V!’”
Holy Cow