The hormones have definitely kicked in. I found myself crying last night for no apparent reason what-so-ever. No Hallmark commercial. No one yelled at me. No one was even in the room when I broke down sobbing. Then started laughing hysterically. Absurd.

After pre-school, I attended the monthly parents meeting at V’s school. This month, they held the meeting out in the play yard and brought in an Indian troupe to play the drums, sing and dance. It was fabulous! To no one’s surprise, half of the kids sat down and paid attention, while the other half ran around the play yard. To no one’s surprise that is, except the mother sitting to my left.

This mother, in all her vintage 1980’s hair and clothing glory, decided it was her job to tell all of the kids to sit down and pay attention. Hello, lady! It’s after school, they’re three and four years old, they have pent up energy, and they’re in the friggin’ play yard for heavens sake!!

Most of the parents didn’t take notice of this irritating lady, but being that she was sitting next to me I was witness to it all. I gave her a few disapproving glances, but she either didn’t care or was too dumb to notice. It wasn’t until she grabbed V’s arm and tried to tell V to sit down that I quickly shot her a touch-or-tell-my-kid-what-to-do-again-and-it’s-war-bitch look.

I may have over reacted. But I don’t think so. The kids weren’t making loud and disruptive noises. We were in the very back of the crowd, next to the slide, and the kids were playing on the slide. They only bothered this woman, who should’ve taken herself and her way too high-waisted jeans and gone and sat somewhere other than next to the friggin’ slide! Common sense, people!!

Yep. The hormones have arrived. So much fun to be me!