Why is it that my dreams are so much more vibrant and weird when I’m pregnant? Everything from the colors, the conversations, the sounds – high definition dreaming. What is it about pregnancy that causes this phenomenon? I must admit, I’m kind of enjoying it as several of the dreams have been quite erotic. But still strange.

I need to get myself a pad of paper and write them down as soon as I wake up. I remember them immediately, and recount them briefly, but by the time I’m in the shower I’ve forgotten most of them entirely. David Cassidy was in one of my dreams. Can’t remember why.

The last time I was pregnant I had a recurring theme in my dreams, that being that I’d forget to do things like feed the baby or change the diapers, and I’d often leave the baby in public places and drive away. I guess it was my fear of parenthood manifesting itself via my dreams. I’ve yet to have a recurring theme this time around, but we’ve got a long way to go, so we’ll see what develops.

In the meantime, I fall asleep hoping for another erotic dream as it’s the only action I’m getting right now. I’m still far too sick with all-day-and-all-night “morning” sickness to be interested in any hanky panky. God willing, this will pass soon!