Medicine Cabinet
According to some study that someone somewhere conducted – funded by who knows who – a whopping 40% of us snoop in the medicine cabinets belonging to others. Truth be told, my first thought was that this number was probably a bit low. But I guess that probably tells more about the kind of friends I have than it does the general population.

Let it be known that this study has inspired me. Inspired me to have a little fun with my own medicine cabinet! You see, the Husband and I entertain quite frequently. Most often, we have the small, intimate, back yard bar-b-que kind of gatherings but at least once a year we have a balls-out party. The kind we threw – and attended – back in the college years. Most often, the theme is Mardi Gras, or “Pardi Gras” as we call it. And most often it’s thrown in the middle of the summer – not even close in timing to the real Mardi Gras – not that it really matters.

This year due to the pregnancy I’m not sure we’ll have a Pardi Gras. It’s an awful lot of work for me, with no benefit to me if I can’t partake in the Hurricanes. But that aside, the very next time we have a somewhat large gathering of people at our pad, I plan to have some fun with my medicine cabinet!

I’m going to take out all of the items normally stocked in there … deodorant, rubbing alcohol, bandaids, lotions … and fill it with random items such as a small bag of peanuts, a few matchbox race cars, marbles, a pen, business cards, a pair of socks and a disposable camera. It’s the camera I’m most excited about because I would be so curious to see what pictures people would take of themselves. In my bathroom. Curious and a bit frightened as well. Tee, hee! So, what else should I put in there? Ideas??