Ice Cream
Everyone I know looks back on their childhood with fond memories of summer. There’s just something about the extended days, the warm nights spent outside running through the sprinklers, never wearing shoes, the great summer tans, the fun summer vacations, and what else? Oh yeah … no school! Silly me, how could I forget that one??

V hasn’t yet learned about the magic summer can bring. I’m not sure he will learn it until he’s experienced his first summer vacation. But beyond that, he doesn’t even yet grasp the concept of seasons. Just today on the way to school he asked me if we could go to the snow this weekend.

We have a fun summer planned … and I’m looking forward to it all, from camping in our own backyard, hiking in Lake Tahoe, traipsing around San Francisco, to hitting the beach in Santa Cruz. We are so blessed to live where we do. There’s no need to hop on a plane for an amazing vacation … just requires a couple of hours in the car, at most.

This weekend is our annual family reunion – my mother’s side of the family. We’re planning on going. It’s kind of a guilt-thing as I rarely see that side of the family since my mom’s passing. We don’t live in the same town, and we’ve never really gotten together much as a family with the exception of Christmas and, of course, weddings and funerals. I’ve not seen most of them since Christmas and if we don’t go this weekend, I won’t see them until perhaps June of ’08 as I will be far too pregnant (and possibly even have an infant) to attend any out-of-town family gatherings this Christmas. All that said, it will be good to see everyone and I’m actually looking forward to it so long as my nausea doesn’t get the best of me.

Next weekend it’s off to our cabin up at Pine Mountain Lake (PML) for the annual Fourth of July Celebration – complete with a boat parade and fireworks show. This year, we’ve invited our “new” extended family that we gained after my dad got married. And to my surprise, it sounds like they’re all planning on coming – so we’re looking at somewhere around 26 people. Too bad I can’t drink right now, as I’m afraid I’ll be wanting a stiff cocktail with all those peeps around all weekend! It will be a fun and relaxing weekend – full of game playing, beach bumming, and nap taking. Can’t wait!

Three days after returning from PML, I’ll be off of work for about two weeks and we’ll be spending one of those in San Francisco. SO many fun things planned, the most exciting of which is getting to spend time with an old college roommate and her family who are flying out from Mississippi.

That’s the next three weekends – and there’s even more fun after that! Pretty easy to see why I’m excited, eh? We’ve not yet told V of all the fun coming his way. We’ll break it to him a few hours before each event so the kid won’t explode on us.

Sigh. Life is so good right now. My hope is that it is for you as well. Happy Summer!