So, as I mentioned a few posts back I’ve been experiencing Hi Definition Dreaming since becoming pregnant, although I had yet to have any recurring dreams as with the last pregnancy.

My recurring dream sequence has officially started as I’ve now had three dreams in which my mother was still alive. But it’s not as if she never passed away. She’s alive, as in she’s come back from the dead. In all of the dreams, we’ve been in her house. She doesn’t speak, she’s just there. At first I thought that it was her way of coming to me in my dreams to tell me that she’s here with me throughout this process, which gave me great comfort. Last night, however, I was pissed off at her in my dream. I was mad at her for coming back. And this, I don’t understand. At all.

I’m sure these dreams will continue – so I guess I’ll just have to be patient and see what happens next. But for now, I’m just perplexed!