Do you ever find yourself so angry at someone that you start typing (or writing) them an email (or letter) telling them all the things you really, really want to say – but then you hit delete and never actually send it? Just getting all the words down on screen (or paper) is somehow cathartic and makes you feel better … even if you’re the only person who will ever see those words, right?

Well … today my friends, I hit SEND. Yep! Fuck with a hormonal pregnant woman, and she’ll hit SEND!

It’s a long story, so I’ll try to give you the cliff notes version. The Husband and I have been on a co-ed softball team for the last five years. The team uses Yahoo Groups to communicate … so when an email is sent via Yahoo Groups, everyone on the team gets the email.

A woman on the team – whom I invited to play with us about four years ago – has recently gone off the deep end. Unprovoked, about two and a half weeks ago she sent an email to the whole team verbally attacking my husband. I won’t go in to what she said, but it wasn’t pretty.

I immediately replied to her email via the group asking everyone to please refrain from attacking others on Yahoo Groups and that if anyone has an issue with just one person, to contact that person directly and work it out with them. A few others on the team sent replies to her email saying things like the use of the email group forum was not an appropriate place for these kinds of things, etc. The coach of the team started moderating comments so it wouldn’t get ugly.

The Husband emailed this woman directly and told her that he was surprised to hear how she felt about him, and would welcome the opportunity to talk to her about it to clear the air so as not to cause discomfort amongst the team. She never responded to him.

Today – out of nowhere again – she sent another blasting email to the entire group. She accused the Husband of “crying like a baby”, among other things. The coach immediately responded telling her in no uncertain terms that it was her final warning to stop with the personal attacks. I say kick her ass off the team, but unfortunately it’s not my call.

I read today’s email just after returning from a 2.5 hour appointment where I was supposed to have an amnio. Two and a half hours with a bladder ready to burst – only to find out that it wasn’t safe to do the amnio today because of something to do with the smaller sack surrounding the baby not yet fusing with the outer sack. After this ordeal, I was cranky.

All things considered, I went easy on the bitch … here’s what I said cuz I know you’re just dying to know …

Alright, (insert name) … it’s time to grow the fuck up. Since you obviously have an issue with (my husband), you need to talk to him directly rather than “crying like a baby” by sending emails to the entire group. The only thing you’re accomplishing is making yourself look like a psycho-bitch.

Maybe it’s time you just leave the team.

… and then I hit SEND! That was about four hours ago and I’ve not yet received a response. I’m sure I will and considering the off-kilter mental state of this woman, it’s sure to be an interesting response. And for some reason, I just can’t wait!!