Oh, the drama! I swear I’ve not experienced the likes of it at this level since high school!!

So, she replied to my email (read previous post if you’re just joining the party). She continued to verbally attack not only my husband but myself as well. Her first response was quite long-winded and was out of left field. She accused me of saying something about one of the girls on the team like two years ago. I can’t even remember what happened yesterday, let alone two years ago and I have zero recollection about what she was referring to.

I replied to her by telling her, once again, to stop the attacks and grow up. She was acting like a high-schooler and I didn’t want any part of it.

She replied again and went even further off the deep end – to the point where I’m seriously a bit afraid of the woman. She’s unstable. I replied and told her that I was done with the subject, and done with her. Although it was tempting to sinc to her level and tell her what I really thought of her, I told her that I wasn’t about to do so. I also told her that I flagged her email address as spam and that there was no need to reply because any future emails from her would go directly to the trash, where they belong.

The story, my dear friends, doesn’t end there. The bitch had the nerve to copy and paste the entire email chain between us and send it out to the entire softball team via the group email.

It took all of maybe 3 minutes for the team coach to reply by announcing that her psycho-ass (my description, not his) was kicked off the team.

Good riddance, I say!