Happy day! Today marks one week of nausea free living! Fingers crossed it continues …

Several times a week I have someone ask me if this pregnancy is any different than my last pregnancy. Yes and no. But mostly no. Here’s how:

• Nausea lasted five months with this pregnancy – only three months last time

• I can’t wear my contacts this time because my eyes are too dry

• I’m not as big in the belly as I was at this point last time – although I started out weighing about 15 pounds more than I started when pregnant with V. Note to self: must, must, absolutely must be more serious about losing baby weight come the new year

• I’m much more worried about the health of the baby. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t think about it. Analyze it. Think about it more. And then I quickly try to think happy, positive thoughts all in the spirit of The Secret!!

• I’m carrying higher

• I have zero memory and my vocabulary has diminished to approximately 50 words in total. Not kidding. It took me about five minutes to think of the word ‘diminished’… and I had to ask for help!

We have our second amnio appointment on Monday. I’m not sure if we’ll get a good picture of the baby at that point or if we’ll have to wait until the results of the amnio before finding out the sex. The Husband has decided that he wants the doctor to write it down and seal it in an envelope. We’ll then have the immediate family over for dinner, and open the envelope together. I love this idea, but then I worry that it makes it a little too “all-about-us” … what do you think?