Yesterday was our 2nd attempt at an amnio. The first attempt didn’t actually happen because my amniotic sac was not yet completely fused.

I took the earliest appointment they offered with the hopes that I wouldn’t have to wait over an hour with a full bladder, like I did last time. I went in with a plan. As soon as the lady behind the window asked me for my co-pay, I’d start drinking the 16oz of water that they asked me to bring with me. That was my plan – and I’m sure you can guess, it didn’t work.

The appointment was at 8:00am. To my surprise, the waiting room was already packed when I arrived. I sat down and began mentally preparing myself for another hour wait. Rather than start drinking the water when asked for my co-pay, I thought, I’d start drinking it after sitting in the waiting room for 20 minutes. Just in case. But before I knew it, the door opened up and they called my name! Before everyone else that was already sitting there when I had arrived … and before I had even been asked for my co-pay!!

A small amount of panic began to set in because I hadn’t even opened my bottle of water yet – and my bladder was completely empty.But guess what? They were still able to do the ultrasound anyways. I was too caught up in everything to think about asking why, then, do they want us to be incredibly uncomfortable with a full bladder if they don’t really need a full bladder??? Hmmmm???

Anyway – the amnio went smoothly with only a very mild amount of cramping. I followed directions like a good girl and sat on the sofa all day, reading, napping and watching horrible daytime TV. And, we did find out what we’re having.

A girl.

The Husband and I both cried. His were tears of joy. Mine were tears of terror.

Because he’s been obessed with picking a name, we spent the better part of the evening discussing options. And I’m at a loss. Our last name is very Italian, so our first preference would be to have an Italian name – or at the very least a name that sounds great with an Italian surname. Here’s where we are so far …

The no’s include Isabella (because we have a dog named Bella), Gabrielle (because the Husband can’t stand the nickname Gabi), Audrey, and Juliana.

When we were pregnant with V and didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl, we picked Sofia for our girls name. I love that name still – but I’m starting to question if perhaps it is becoming too common? Other girl name considerations right now include Adeline (named after a great aunt) and Victoria.

So, now it’s your turn. Suggestions? Anyone? Anyone?