This post is going to be about random and odd things floating around in my head right now – so be prepared.

First off, thank you to all you who have given name suggestions! I, too, love the name Olivia – but two of my longest and closest friends have daughters named Olivia, so no go with that.

I’ve shared these suggestions with the Husband – and although we love, love most of the suggestions, quite a few won’t work for a variety or reasons – most of which have to do with siblings, cousins, and kids of close friends using the same names!! But the names we’ve now added to our list, thanks to all of you, include Francesca and Nadia! We’ll see …

On the way home from pre-school yesterday – out of the clear blue sky – V asked me a question and I was stumped. The question? How do cats laugh? I can honestly say I’ve never, ever thought about that.

Struggling to find an answer that wouldn’t lead us in to the game of “WHY?”, I gave up and threw the question right back at him. He giggled, made a darling little high-pitched noise that sounded like “mmmmm” and then promptly changed the subject … to breast feeding.

My lucky day!

He wanted to know why babies suck on their mommies. Oi. He’s three, I’m thinking. How the hell am I going to tackle this one? But as luck would have it, I didn’t have to. He was quickly distracted by some construction going on by our home and forgot all about his question.

Thank you, dear construction men. You all deserve big raises.

This Friday I am in charge of our annual team building event at work and I have to tell you, I’m so excited I think of little else! We always keep it a secret from the staff, telling them only what time to arrive at work and how to dress.

This year, we’re doing the Amazing Race. We have five teams of six and each team will have to complete five tasks. We have them running all over town to several parks, and our local minor league baseball stadium, finishing with lunch and an awards ceremony at a local brewery. Can not wait!!!

That’s all for now from the land of Chaos … I’ve got a ton to do, so I’d better get doin’!