I didn’t have the balls today to say to you what I really wanted to say, so I’m using my blog as an outlet to do so if for no other reason that to hopefully make myself feel better. Perhaps give myself some closure.

You’ve disappointed me. And I’m sad about that.

It was a little over a year ago when I was proud to call you my friend. I truly enjoyed our talks, our lunches together, the times spent laughing and trying to solve all of the world’s problems. Or at least the problems we had in our little world.

I appreciated your advice and felt like I was helping you out when offering you mine. Ours was a friendship from which we both benefited.

Or so I thought.

But one day, it all ended. Without warning. And boy, it stung. At first I thought that you were just going through something and needed your space from those that were close to you. But before long, it was obvious that I was the only person from which you needed space. I was confused. Hurt. Sad. If I gave you your space, I thought, maybe you would come back.

You didn’t. And rather than confronting you, I let your friendship go. It wasn’t until six months later that you told me why. And the why was so unbelievable to me that all I could do was cry in frustration. The why, after all, was a lie. Something you had heard that I had said about you. But something that I had never said.

Why didn’t you value our friendship enough to approach me six months sooner and ask me about it then?

Our friendship never returned to the level it once was. Sure, we had lunch a few times after that talk – but it was just two people having lunch, never two friends. I didn’t have it in me to give you my friendship after being burned, and I’m not sure you had any interest in giving me yours.

So now you’re moving on and saying your good-byes. And what you did to me today stung as fiercely as when you first decided to end our friendship without my consent and without warning.

Although there’s a part of me that would like to stand up and say FUCK YOU, I won’t. Maybe one day you’ll learn that it’s your loss. Truly. Your loss.

Good luck to you.