We just returned from a weekend spent at the family cabin near Yosemite, only this time we went with friends rather than family. It was fabulous and I wish I were still there right now!

One of the couples that joined us are newer friends. Friends we met through friends. They have two kids – two kids that worked my last nerve quite a bit – which, admittedly isn’t difficult considering I’m pregnant and therefore a bit cranky. I had been warned that they were “high energy” kids, but I never dreamed that high energy was really the nice way of saying “loud, very tempermental” children.

The Husband and I found ourselves discussing these kids, and their behavior, for a good part of the drive home. Their parents are so nice. So seemingly normal. And seem so involved. Is it just that these kids are hard-wired to be the way they are? Or is it because of the way their parents do or do not discipline them?

Bottom line was that I found myself feeling bad for these parents. I believe they are doing the best they know how in trying to raise these kids. I’m no mom-of-the-year, but I’ve seen Super Nanny enough times that I did notice a few things that they should have been doing, and aren’t. As well as things that they are doing, but shouldn’t. But I did the smart thing and kept my big mouth closed. None of my business – and no one asked for my opinion. And, we all survived relatively unscathed from the weekend …

The highlight of the weekend took place at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite. We decided to stop there for lunch and as we were walking inside, we passed two men standing by two beautiful very high-end Harley Davidson motorcycles. I made contact with one of the men and immediately thought to myself “I know him from somewhere”, however the thought left my brain the very next second because, well, that just happens now that I’m pregnant.

Fast forward twenty minutes or so and we find ourselves sitting outside on the patio at the table next to these same two men. And the tables really are quite close – such that we can hear each other’s conversations. The man that looked familiar to me is very obviously watching us – six loud adults with five rambunctious children – as I “caught” him looking over our way more than a few times. He must recognize me as well.

I know him. I definitely know him.

But how? I’ve not a clue.

Finally, as he was looking over our way I caught eye contact with him. “You look so familiar”, I say to him. “I know I know you from somewhere, but I can’t place it. Do I look familiar to you?”

He gets a shit-eating grin on his face, and tells me that I don’t look familiar to him.

I proceed to ask him if he’s from the town in which I currently reside. He tells me no. What about the town in which I grew up? No.

I’m stumped. I let it go and refocus my attention on the kids. A few moments later my girlfriend, giggling, says to me that the reason the man looks familiar is because it’s Tony Danza. Of “Who’s the Boss” fame.

No sooner did the words exit her mouth did it occur to me. No, it’s not Tony Danza. But yes, it is someone famous. Which explains the shit-eating grin he gave me.

It was Matt LeBlanc. Joey Tribbiani. Looking older than I would have guessed, but it didn’t matter because he was very nice.

I never let on to the fact that I finally figured out who he was. I’m sure he got a good laugh over it later, as we did.


On the pregnancy front, I’m not sleeping well, I’m dropping things constantly and can no longer easily bend over to pick them up, and I’m exhausted. Otherwise, still on track for a Christmas or New Year holiday baby.


The sewing addiction has not yet subsided. I’ve made somewhere near ten outfits now – and have even made a few for gifts. I bought an entire bolt of fabric yesterday because I found it on sale for $2 per yard, and I love it. That, and I think I might try to use it to make a few dresses and try to sell them. Every person I’ve shown the clothes to is telling me that I need to sell them. Here are just a few photos of what I’ve made so far:
Green and Brown Dragonfly Orange