I’m a sucker for family traditions. Growing up, my family was full of them … sentimental ones, fun ones, silly ones and even boring ones. I love them all. So it is important to me that my kids grow up with traditions.

Yesterday was Valentines Day, and we created a new tradition for the holiday. We picked up food from an upscale market/cafe so that it would feel special. I brought out the fancy table cloth, the china, the nice wine glasses, the candles, and the expensive bottle of wine. And we ate our Valentines Day dinner by candle light in our kitchen.

It was perfect. And even though I’m already looking forward to next year, our family made a pact last night. We have pledged to eat dinner by candle light once a week … even if it’s pizza by candle light.

Now that is a newly created family tradition I’m most excited about!!

What about you? I’d love to hear about your family traditions – on Valentines Day or otherwise!