“D passed away in her sleep lastnight. I love you”

Spending the weekend in our favorite city, on our way to one of our favorite breakfast joints, we received the words you see above in form of a text message.

And the world stopped for just a moment.

Clearly, there must be a mistake. D is only 19 and her life is just starting. This is obviously some kind of misunderstanding.

Although I wouldn’t consider myself a devout Catholic, I do attend church with somewhat regularlity and I do have one-on-ones with God daily. In the early 90’s I lost a cousin of mine. He was in his early 20’s. Devastated, confused, angry are all a few things I was feeling. But most of all, I think I was pissed off. This cousin of mine was a bright light, volunteering for the Peace Corps, changing lives. His life, as well, was just starting.

After losing my cousin I remember questioning God. Why take the good ones from us? Why are all these murderers, rapists, evil people allowed to remain on Earth while the great ones are snatched away far before their time? It’s an answer I never received.

And I find myself asking it again.

Clearly, there must be some kind of misunderstanding.