lion While changing my daughter’s diaper yesterday morning, I was thinking to myself how much I love this stage this time around. With my first child, I definitely enjoyed the 16-18 month stage – but because I had never experienced it before, I think my ability to completely and totally immense myself in the experience was overshadowed by the fear of the unknown.

Not this time. With my daughter, I’ve been relaxed and able to completely enjoy each and every stage.

Except, somehow I forgot about a few stages that I didn’t so much enjoy. And just today, I was hit square in the face with a reminder as we’ve entered firmly in to one of those stages …

The biting stage.

I understand it, I acknowledge it, but damn, I hate it. Partly because I have no idea how long it’s going to last, and partly because I’m terrified of the idea of her hurting another child. Now that we know it’s reared its ugly head, my hope is that I can keep enough of an eye on her to thwart any attempt at going in for the bite.

And in the meantime, I’ve got to find my arsenol of teething toys …