I can’t tell you how many times over the last five years I’ve been asked the question “Where will V go to school?” … I was dumbfounded that people actually thought that I would have thoroughly researched and interviewed, as well as selected the school for my son when he was only three.

My family is brimming with public school teachers, both present and retired. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmothers, and my own mother. All along, my assumption would be that my children would attend our neighborhood elementary school, CGE. Along with being close to home, it would allow us to get to know more of the neighborhood families. Done. So when it came time to register for school, I promptly trotted down to CGE and signed him up. Again, done.

I’ve found myself feeling sorry for the parents that have been obsessing over The Big K Decision … where their child should attend Kindergarden. Test scores, test scores, test scores. Some friends have even talked about moving to a different neighborhood so that they can stand in line overnight to try to get their child in to a different school. With higher test scores.

On goodschools.org our school rates middle of the road. Not the best, not the worst. Comments from parents are generally positive, with a few concerned about the “politics” in the school. Show me a school without politics, and I’ll show you my ass. My theory is this … every school has its strengths and weaknesses. My plan is to be a parent who gets involved in my son’s education. You’d be hard pressed to find a school where 100% of the parents are happy with the education and experience their child is receiving. Just not gonna happen. So rather than judge the school before I’ve had any experience, my plan was to give it a shot. It’s kindergarden, for heaven’s sake. If it doesn’t work out we can move schools and it won’t be the end of the world. My son’s life won’t be ruined. Of that I am sure.

My son is currently in a Montessori pre-school. He’s been in a Montessori environment since he was a toddler, and he loves it – as do I. About six months ago, his teachers asked me if I was planning on keeping him in Montessori for elementary school. Turns out, we have a charter school near my office that teaches based on Montessori principles, with most of the teachers being Montessori trained/certified. Even though my mind was made up that he would attend CGE, I did my due diligence and checked in to it, submitted an application and waited to hear if he would be accepted.

I was told they would be making their selections the first week of April, so when that first week came and went and I heard nothing, I didn’t give it a second thought.

Two weeks ago I received a call from the Montessori charter school. My son was accepted.

Still feeling strongly that he would attend CGE, my first instinct was to thank them kindly, but pass. It was about a week before I even returned their call – but something inside me kept pushing for me to investigate this further, so I signed up for an orientation and tour. And after that, I brought my son in to the school for an observation in the classroom.

Add to this the fact that I received an email from a friend that CGE is laying off two Kindergarden teachers thanks to the overspending of California politicians budget crisis. What does this mean for us? We’ve not yet been told, although the rumor running rampid is that we are to show up to school on the first day and if they don’t have room for him, he will be bused to a different school. WTF??? I’m really hoping this rumor is just that …

And now? I’ve become one of those mom’s who has been obsessing over making The Big K Decision.

Kettle? Meet pot …