bento With V starting kindergarten in August, I am starting to come to the realization that I will need to make a boxed lunch for him. Every day. Oi the joy …

Yes, I have a bit over two months before the big day. But the pressure is already on.

And although I don’t support the idea of a lunch containing unhealthy food choices, every now and then I like to toss the dog a bone give the kid a treat. So to be sure he doesn’t eat the treat and not the rest of his lunch, I’ve started my search for those recipes that hide veggies and good-for-yous within!

Also causing my blood pressure to rise (a sure sign I need more sleep) is the mere thought of the large number of plastic snack and sandwhich bags I will be going through. But alas, I have a solution. The bento box I found at Laptop Lunches dot com. I have a feeling these little numbers will be my new best friend!

In addition to ordering my Laptop Lunches bento box, I’ve already bookmarked a zillion pages that will help me create a bento box piece-of-art lunch box worthy of a gold medal. I promise I’ll take pictures!

Now, I’m off to go through my scrap fabric to start sewing napkins for the little man in an effort to save a few trees as well! Look at me, all green and what-not!