My New Year’s Resolution?? To get back on track with my blogging – oh, how I’ve missed it!!

December was a crazy busy month – actually November AND December were crazy. V turned four years old on December 4th. Because I knew I’d be too pregnant to want to want to throw a party in early December, we celebrated his birthday in early November. It was his first birthday party as I had told myself I wouldn’t throw a traditional kids birthday party until he was old enough and interested enough to ask for one. Literally about three days after his third birthday passed, he started asking for a birthday party!! So, he got one for his 4th birthday.

I took the easy route and had it at a bounce house place. Those places are a God-send for busy parents. They take care of everything. We just wrote the check. It was awesome and V and his friends loved it!

Sometime in early November I started getting depressed when thinking about the upcoming birth of our daughter and how it might affect my relationship with V. The mornings are the most special time for V and I. It’s when we spend quality time together – just the two of us – cuddling, talking, playing. I know that’s likely going to end once the baby comes – even if for a little while – and the thought of that is killing me. It’s the best part of my day and it makes me so sad to think of not having it.

I finally wrapped up things at work on December 7th and was looking foward to a good 2-3 weeks of me-time before baby G’s arrival. She had other plans. At about 2:00am on the morning of December 17th I started having contractions. Not heavy, not painful – but often. I had four within the span of 15 minutes and because of my condition and high blood pressure, I was told to call the doctor if I experienced more than four contractions in an hour.

So I called.

My doctor told me to come to the hospital. I was sure I’d just be monitored for an hour or so and come back home, so I drove myself and let my husband sleep. But long story short, my blood pressure was extremely high (185 over 135) – so they immediately hooked me up to an IV, took some blood and found that it contained protein, which meant pre-eclampsia to the degree that they worried it would move to eclampsia quickly. They informed that they needed to take the baby immediately. My health depended upon it.

Surgery would start in 30 minutes – with or without my husband. I was terrified. Luckily we live less than a mile from the hospital and luckily we have good friends who came over to take care of V – and my husband made it to the hospital just as I was rolling in to the OR at 6:00am.

Our little girl was born 3.5 weeks early – but very healthy and strong – at 6:44am on December 17th. She weighs just over five pounds, so I”m calling her my little Sack of Flour – or SOF. And now that it’s been just about two weeks since the surgery, I’m finally feeling stronger and able to get around!

V has been a dream with his little sister. At first he didn’t pay much attention to her, but that’s been increasing each day. He’s not acted out. He’s not asked to send her back. He’s been amazingly perfect about the whole ordeal. I’m convinced that’s because Christmas came only a week after his baby sister, and he received so much attention – and so many gifts – that that distracted him!

On Christmas Eve we went to my dad’s house, where Santa came for a vist. I hadn’t taken V to see Santa at all yet as the thought of hitting the mall and standing in line at 9 months pregnant was enough to send me over the edge. So it was important to me to make sure V would be at my dad’s so he could see Santa – even though I wasn’t feeling strong enough.

When Santa came in the house, V’s eyes got as big as saucers. He immediately ran up to him and just stared. All of the kids (about 15 of them) surrounded Santa as he announced that he had a bag of toys for all the good little girls and boys and that they all needed to sit down so he could hand them out. I noticed V with a look of terror on his face as he quickly scanned the room to try to find me. Once he did, he ran up to me with tears filling his eyes and asked me in a shaken voice:

“Mama? Have I been a good boy??”

It was the cutest thing EVER and brought tears to my eyes! I told him yes, and a look of relief mixed with joy came across his face as he ran back to Santa and took a seat to his right – and waited patiently for his toy.

The poor kid had to wait and wait as his toy was the last one out of the bag. With each toy that came out of the bag, V waited for his name to be called and when it wasn’t called his facial expression turned from anticipation and joy to concern and then near panic – and then relief when Santa finally called his name. My heart felt for him as I remember that feeling as a child as if it were yesterday!

All in all, our holidays were blessed – not only with the arrival of SOF, but with the time spent with family and good friends. We are looking forward to a fantastic ’08 and wish you and yours an amazing New Year!!


Wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted … and it’s been a long time since I’ve read any of my favorite blogs. Of those I have on my google reader, I have nearly 800 posts I’ve not yet read! Eee gads!!

First things first … why. Why have I seemingly disappeared off the face of the blog-o-sphere? One word … pregnancy. It’s been a real bitch for me, people. It’s all I can do to get through a day without losing my mind. Between the “complications” of this pregnancy, trying to get work in order so that I can be out of the office for 4 months, and chasing after a very energetic almost four year old, I’m drowning.

Oh, and the guilt. Perhaps it’s the hormones, but the guilt is sometimes crippling. I’m pregnant. I’m creating life. I should be glowing, excited, unbelievably happy, grateful, feeling oh-so-blessed.

NOT. Hence, the guilt.

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’m “advanced maternal age”, but this pregnancy is kicking my ass. I recall not exactly enjoying being pregnant the first time around, but this is so much worse. I should start by explaining that all is going well with the baby as of now. It’s me and the fact that I seem to be falling apart.

I have cholestasis – which is pregnancy-induced liver disease. Lucky me. First the good news:
– with ongoing monitoring, the baby should be fine
– I will deliver early
– my liver will return to normal after giving birth

And the bad news?
– there’s nothing that can be done about it
– I have an all-over body itch that is present all day, every day and is driving me insane. It’s an itch that comes from inside, so it’s not like I can use a lotion or take a bath or do anything to relieve it. The ONLY thing that provides a bit of relief is Benadryl. Which makes me sleepy – and which I haven’t been able to take in the last few days because my blood pressure has started to rise.

Add the feelings of guilt to the ever-present, overwhelmingly annoying body itch, and you’ve got one depressed Mama G.

Hence my disappearance.

I will return eventually – to both posting here and commenting on all of your blogs as well! In the meantime, have a fabulous holiday season with you and yours …


I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately, yes. Why? Because I’ve been a bit side-tracked – and completely unable to focus on anything – ANYTHING – but my newfound addiction. Sewing clothes for this baby.

Hello. My name is Mama G. Some people call me Chaos Control. I have an addiction. To sewing.

So sad.

Yet fun at the same time.

Seriously people – a bit sad because I’ve found myself not making plans with friends so that I can stay home and sew. Three of my last four lunch hours were spent in a fabric store. I’m constantly trying to find “the perfect fabric store” for my taste (and have yet to find it).

I’m in big trouble.

And I just returned from purchasing more fabric for three more outfits that I plan to start sewing tonight.

I realize you out there in blogland don’t know me that well. But if you did, you’d be shaking your head as if to say who’d-a-thunk. You’d never peg me as someone who could be addicted to sewing. I even kind of stand out in a fabric store.

After the dress I made a week or so ago, I’ve since made the cutest pair of bloomers you’ve ever seen as well as another dress. Both of those projects turned out fabulously. The most recent dress truly looks professionally made. And I’m not kidding!

I’ll take some photos and post them soon – because I am, after all, a proud mama!

In the meantime, have a wonderfully safe Labor Day Weekend!

… but you can’t look to closely because seriously folks, it looks like a child made this dress!

My first attempt turned out. Just turned out. Not good, not bad, not too ugly. I think baby will be able to wear it at least once. My fear is that it might fall to pieces when washed.

What didn’t work?

– I couldn’t figure out how to sew a button hole on my sewing machine. I tried and tried, to no avail. In true Mama G fashion, I improvised. Instead of a button hole, we have a button – but the dress now attached via velcro. Brilliant, if you ask me!

– You can’t tell from the photo, but the fabric is a corduroy. Please take note. If you’ve never sewn before and want to attempt to try to make something, don’t pick corduroy for your fabric. Cotton, people. Cotton!

– The inner fabric is supposed to be fused to the dress. I bought the wrong kind of fusing evidently. Either that, or I didn’t know how to use it. It made the dress to stiff and crinkly sounding, so I just ripped it out. I’m going to buy some of that stuff they have now – I have no idea what it’s called – but you can iron up a hem rather than sew it. I’ll use some of that to attach the to pieces of fabric. Wish me luck.

After all of that, you’d think I’d end my sewing career here. But NOPE, not me. I’m headed to the fabric store this afternoon to buy some COTTON fabric to give it another try!! I know, I’m just silly that way …


I’m not sure if it’s a pregnancy thing or perhaps the time of the year – or maybe a bit of both – but I have become the nesting mama of late. House cleaning, clutter clearing, home decorating and now … sewing. Oh, and I don’t really know how to sew.

Since finding out we’re having a girl I’ve had so many people tell me that I’d be in big trouble when it comes to clothes shopping for little girls. I had assumed that meant because there are so many adorable clothes out there for little girls – but now I’m thinking perhaps I’m wrong.

Self-described queen-of-all-sales, I’ve already started hitting the sales racks and buying clothes on super-duper-clearance to save for the future. I picked up a darling swimsuit for $4.98 and a sweat pant outfit that is just prescious for $17.00. And to satisfy my own curiousity, I’ve been perusing the racks of the non-sale items as well. What I’ve found is two things. Well, maybe three – but the first thing I’ve known for awhile and that is that I’m cheap. Or thrifty. Or whatever you want to call it – but I have somehow come up with a magic number in my head for spending and will very rarely go over that number. For example … if a woman’s blouse/shirt/top costs more than $20, I’ll pass – unless it’s for a special occasion – of which I have very few these days. For baby clothes, ten bucks seems to be my magic number for any single item. Twenty bucks for an outfit – but it better be damn cute if I’m going to part with twenty.

Second thing I’ve found is that all of the clothes that fall in to my pricing parameters all seem to look the same. Pink. With lots of flowers or other busy fabrics. Not at all my thing. That, or they have some kind of character on them – and I don’t like those either.

And third, the clothes that I’ve found that I do like a lot are primarily from online or small local boutiques and are way out of my pricing parameters.

So that brings us back to sewing. I’ve decided to try to sew some of my own clothes for this little baby-in-the-making of mine. I purchased three very simple patterns today and fabric for one of them and am planning on trying to see if this is something I can tackle on my own. I do have a back-up plan, of course. A close girlfriend is an amazing seamstress, so if I panic or really mess something up I know I can call on her to bail me out.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and will – hopefully – post a photo of a final product before too long!! Wish me luck …

Number of times I’m waking up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night: 1

Number of pre-pregnancy underwear that are still comfortable: 0

Number of names that are still under consideration: 4

Number of items of girls clothing I’ve already purchased: 5

Number of times I’ve been nauseous in the last two weeks: 0

Number of glasses of water I’m drinking per day: 1 zillion

Number of times people have asked to touch my belly: 2

Number of close friends currently pregnant: 4

Number of weeks pregnant: 20

And one question for all of you … I’ve been asked by more than a few people if I’m going to have a baby shower with this one. My immediate response – other than why would I throw myself a shower? – is no because it’s not my first baby. And I really don’t need much … a new crib, girl clothes and diapers. The girl clothes, I’m sure, will come in droves once she’s born so I’m not worried about that. Plus, I’m one hell of a shopper …

So I’m curious how you feel about baby showers for subsequent babies? Yes? No? Maybe so?

This post is going to be about random and odd things floating around in my head right now – so be prepared.

First off, thank you to all you who have given name suggestions! I, too, love the name Olivia – but two of my longest and closest friends have daughters named Olivia, so no go with that.

I’ve shared these suggestions with the Husband – and although we love, love most of the suggestions, quite a few won’t work for a variety or reasons – most of which have to do with siblings, cousins, and kids of close friends using the same names!! But the names we’ve now added to our list, thanks to all of you, include Francesca and Nadia! We’ll see …

On the way home from pre-school yesterday – out of the clear blue sky – V asked me a question and I was stumped. The question? How do cats laugh? I can honestly say I’ve never, ever thought about that.

Struggling to find an answer that wouldn’t lead us in to the game of “WHY?”, I gave up and threw the question right back at him. He giggled, made a darling little high-pitched noise that sounded like “mmmmm” and then promptly changed the subject … to breast feeding.

My lucky day!

He wanted to know why babies suck on their mommies. Oi. He’s three, I’m thinking. How the hell am I going to tackle this one? But as luck would have it, I didn’t have to. He was quickly distracted by some construction going on by our home and forgot all about his question.

Thank you, dear construction men. You all deserve big raises.

This Friday I am in charge of our annual team building event at work and I have to tell you, I’m so excited I think of little else! We always keep it a secret from the staff, telling them only what time to arrive at work and how to dress.

This year, we’re doing the Amazing Race. We have five teams of six and each team will have to complete five tasks. We have them running all over town to several parks, and our local minor league baseball stadium, finishing with lunch and an awards ceremony at a local brewery. Can not wait!!!

That’s all for now from the land of Chaos … I’ve got a ton to do, so I’d better get doin’!

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