Recently my five year old has started carrying his harmonica with him and has been serenading me in the car. He allows me to pick which song I would like to hear. The following is a partial list of songs which I have been blessed with over the last few days:

The Mailbox on Top of the Roof
The Tree with no Leaves
The Duckie Afraid of the Pond
The Sign Hidden in the Bushes
The Shark that Wishes it was a Jellyfish
… and my personal favorite … Four that Wishes it was Number Three

I’m off to find a recording artist that would like to record these fine diddies. Line forms to the left …


Two nights ago, V awoke in the middle of the night crying a terrifying cry. The Husband ran to the rescue and the following conversation took place:

(crying hysterically) “Mama! Dadda!!!!!”

“Are you okay, sweetie?”

(through his tears) “I had a bad dream!!!!!”

“What was it about?”

(with terror in his voice) “A leopard with a purple jacket!! I’m having a bad night, Dadda”

I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation … I was laughing too hard in the other room.

Once we become parents, it’s TEOTWAWKI, right? I mean, CMIW but raising kids is an EOOTW, yes?

Times were certainly easier BITD when we could KOFU and smoke some 420 WACITW.
Kids these days to their best to KPC – talking in code, alerting their friends when PAL or PAW. We try to figure out what they’re saying – texting, rather- and quite honestly it BTHOOM.

The good news is that there are websites available these days to help us SOOT. We do NATHWCG. But you have to check a variety of sites to decipher just what the heck they’re saying.

I’ll be interested to see what new communication tools, and special lingo, exists when my kids are teenagers! Luckily, I have awhile before I need to worry about it too much.

In the meantime, IOH and I’ll BBSL!

I love it when kids learn something new and then proceed to say it or do it over and over again. Actually, I should clarify. I love it when the something new is cute, and not annoying or inappropriate! Who am I kidding? The inappropriate ones crack me up!

When V was first learning to talk, he’d have a way of saying some things, like his A-B-C’s (A, B, C, D, oo, ahh, at), that I found myself wishing he’d never change. Maybe that’s why that he still calls this a yo-ya:
Yo Ya

About a month ago, he started giving me the thumbs-up signal at random times. He has since taken the thumbs-up signal and evolved it in to the two-thumbs-up-and-a-wink. This bag of cuteness has elicited such a positive response from friends and strangers alike, that he has taken to doing it quite frequently.
Thumbs UP
And just this past weekend, we were introduced to a new phrase … that being “holy cow”! I almost spit out my ginger candy (yep, still morning sick) the first time I heard him say it! It is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard …

“V, where did you learn to say Holy Cow?”

“From J.T. He saw my poop and said ‘Holy Cow, V!’”
Holy Cow

We spent Memorial Day weekend at our cabin in Pine Mountain Lake with a variety of aunts, uncles and cousins. There’s no place I’d rather be – and the thought of my son getting the opportunity to grow up and spend time at this wonderful place makes me so very happy!

My morning sickness wasn’t quite as bad this weekend … perhaps it was the thinner air … but I slept quite a bit, so perhaps it was the additional rest. The Husband was a trooper, taking care of V when I was sleeping – and two of my cousins kept V entertained with games, coloring and hiking.

I slept through the highlight of the weekend – which means no photos of it to share. But V had his first ever fishing experience and he caught a fish!! When I awoke from my nap, he excitedly told me all about it.

V: “I had a hook! One a pole! And caught a fish! And I touched it. It was wet and slimy! And Uncle Dave threw it back in the water!!!!”

Me: “Really? That’s fantastic! How big was your fish?

V: “This big!!!” (arms open to indicate about a foot and a half in length)

Husband, laughing: “Actually V, it was only this big” (fingers indicate about six inches)



After our softball game last night, we gathered at our Coach’s house for a celebratory ‘que. A co-worker of mine struck up a conversation with V.

Co-worker: “So, your mom tells me you like baseball?!”

V, nodding vigorously: “Uh-huh!”

Co-Worker: “What’s your favorite team?”

V: “Yellow”

“Mama, what day is today?”

“It’s Tuesday”

“And then comes Threesday?”

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