Every night while tucking V in to bed, I’m going to *try* to remember to ask him about his favorite part of his day … and capture his answers here.

2/14/07 – Lollipops!
2/15/07 – Candy! (we have a theme already, folks)
2/16/07 – Drawing planets … I like drawing the small planet
2/17/07 – Picking oranges
2/18/07 – Riding sleds in the snow
2/19/07 – Going to the store (Home Depot)
2/24/07 – Playing with grandma
2/25/07 – Watcing tv
2/26/07 – Jumping in puddles
3/2/07 – Singing “happy birthday” to daddy and going to Chuck E. Cheese
3/3/07 – Playing with cousin Codie
3/4/07 – Eating Scoobie Snacks
3/5/07 – Playing in the garden
3/6/07 – Playing golf (at Sports Authority)
3/7/07 – Doing art


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