In no particular order … except numerical.

  1. I’m a mom
  2. But that’s no all I am
  3. I am also a wife
  4. Sometimes a good wife, and sometimes not so good
  5. Depends upon how much the Husband pisses me off
  6. I am also a sister to one brother
  7. A cousin to lots and lots of people
  8. A daughter who lost her mother in early 2004
  9. A daughter whose dad just got engaged
  10. I’m Italian, Lebanese and German
  11. I love Italian and Lebanese food
  12. I hate German food
  13. I love to cook
  14. But probably should take a few classes because I’m not a consistent cook
  15. I need to lose 10 pounds
  16. I curse more than I should
  17. I try never to curse around my husband because he hates it
  18. I have two wonderful dogs – Baci and Bella
  19. I love to read but don’t often get the chance anymore
  20. I love leisurely breakfasts on the weekends
  21. I hate reckless and inconsiderate drivers
  22. Crime stories fascinate me
  23. I think I’d make a good crime scene investigator
  24. Except that I have a weak stomach and would probably throw up too often
  25. I have fond memories of my childhood
  26. I’m new to the blogging world
  27. I just started this wordpress blog and can’t figure out how to do much of anything on it yet
  28. Photography is a passion
  29. Like cooking, I’m not as good as I’d like to be
  30. I have no tattoos but desperately want one
  31. I plan on getting one once I lose those aforementioned ten pounds
  32. Which means I’ll likely remain tattoo-free
  33. I am a pack rat
  34. Who is desperately trying to change
  35. I’m married to someone who is more of a pack rat than me
  36. I get frustrated that he won’t let me clean out his junk, too
  37. I live in an old house – built in 1917
  38. We are constantly working on our home
  39. We’ve come a long way
  40. But still have a long way to go
  41. I would love to live in Italy
  42. Architecture fascinates me
  43. I often start things I can’t finish … this list is a perfect example!

One Response to “100 Things About Me”

  1. Great list!
    I am similar to #’s: 8, 6, 16, 33,37…
    Don’t be afraid to get the tattoo…they are great! I have two.

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